My Neighborhood: Beverly-Fairfax, California

Liz Bronstein
Liz Bronstein

As a showrunner of such acclaimed TV series as Whale Wars on Animal Planet and CNN’s Believer with Reza Aslan, Liz Bronstein has worked all over the world. But home in the Beverly-Fairfax area is where her heart—a.k.a. her dog—is. “I love the area because it’s truly a walking neighborhood,” says Bronstein. “On weekends, sometimes I don’t even get in my car, which is a treat when you live in LA. I also love my neighbors. It’s a tight-knit community, and many of us are dog owners, so walking my dog is a social event.”

—by Lisa Rosen

Sunday Scents

“I exist for the sole purpose of making my dog, Quincy, as happy as possible,” Bronstein jokes. “There is nothing she likes better than smells, and nothing smells better than used cowboy boots and old rugs. So on Sundays we never miss a visit to Melrose Trading Post, an open-air market in the parking lot at Fairfax High School. As a bonus for me, there are always new artists selling paintings and lamps and jewelry as well as cool vintage clothing.” 7850 Melrose Ave., 323.655.7679, ext. 103

Green Thumbs

“My back patio is my favorite place on earth, but I am a notorious serial killer when it comes to plants. Luckily I live near one of the best nurseries in the city, a little gem called Xotx-Tropico. It’s packed so full of extraordinary finds that you have to walk single file. The staff is really knowledgeable, and they always steer me toward gorgeous plants that can withstand my murderous intentions.” 900 N. Fairfax Ave., 323.654.9999

Supreme Sandwich

Sycamore Kitchen
Sycamore Kitchen

“I judge all lunch establishments by the quality of their tuna salad sandwich. I keep an updated Excel spreadsheet rating every tuna salad sandwich in the Fairfax neighborhood. The winner by a mile is the transcendent creation at Sycamore Kitchen. It has the perfect tuna-to mayonnaise ratio and the bread is as fluffy as a cloud. All told, it’s honest, it’s creamy, and it’s free from abominations like raisins or pickles. The dog-friendly patio has lots of shade, and parking is manageable—things essential to all LA destinations.” 143 S. La Brea Ave., 323.939.0151

Casual Pampering

Blush L.A.
Blush L.A.

“Getting my nails done was always a necessary but annoying weekend chore until I found Blush LA, with their big, pink, scalloped throne chairs. My friend Michelle and I book seats next to each other, sip complimentary mimosas, and complain about our lives while women coat our nails with bright sparkly gels. It’s a delight.” 7471 Melrose Ave., 323.433.7143

Wild Weeknights

Canter's Deli
Canter’s Deli

“The best-kept secret in LA for live music is Tuesday nights at the Kibitz Room at Canter’s Deli. Starting around 10 p.m., a crazy collection of some of the city’s best touring and session musicians gather in the little dive bar to deliver the best renditions of your favorite songs. We dance ’til closing and then head home with corned beef sandwiches and black-and-white cookies from Canter’s. Sometimes LA is heaven.” 419 N. Fairfax Ave., 323.651.2030

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