Horse Braiding: The Mane Attraction

A good hair day is in the forecast.

Masters of plaits and pony tails, professional horse show braiders are well-versed in equine presentation—sculpting hair-don’ts into artful hair-do’s, with lavishly-twisted tresses ranging from dressage button braids to flat hunter/jumper braids and sleek running braids.

High style aside, the common denominator in every successful braid job is a clean bottom line, which creates an optical illusion that elongates a horse’s neck and camouflages any imperfections in conformation.

But the quest for beauty isn’t just skin deep. Braiding is also an opportunity for horse and rider to forge a profound personal connection. As Ruthann Smith, expert braider and founder of Lucky Braids, states, “It’s about getting a horse to feel confident and comfortable, so it can have a big heart to win.”

—By Nissrine Habash

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