“I loved getting up every morning and working with my clients, but I had this feeling that there was something more I could be doing.” – Janna Raskopf

For over 12 years, Janna Raskopf has had an unwavering, soul-quaking, full-fledged love affair with real estate. Raskopf is Douglas Elliman’s number one rental agent in Manhattan and has consistently been in the top 4% at Elliman for years. She has successfully completed over 1000 deals in her career and has done so with an unwavering work ethic, positive attitude, enthusiasm and a sense of dedication to her clients. She even sold over $8 million of real estate and rented 11 apartments the month her daughter was born.

And then she felt the itch.

At first, Raskopf wrote it off as a momentary restlessness.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting up every morning and working with my clients. The awards and accolades were an amazing bonus, but I had this consuming feeling that there was something more I could be doing,” Raskopf recalls.

Share The (Good) Fortune

Raskopf’s silent mantra would become a deafening call to action—and ultimately, a force greater than herself. Every time she ranked in the Top 20, Raskopf decided, she would donate a portion of her commission to a charity of her clients’ choosing.

“Since I started this initiative 20 months ago, I’ve been a Top 20 agent 18 times, so I’d say this effort has been pretty fruitful to date,” Raskopf says.

Off the clock, paying it forward is hardly a novelty for Raskopf. Her ties to several non-profits—including Trinity School, Ballet Hispanico and The Skating Club of New York—have made her a notable contributor among local charities.

“I have always donated to charities that are special to me, but giving back on my clients’ behalf has been transformational.”

“I’ve always donated to charities that are special to me,” Raskopf explains. “But giving back on my clients’ behalf has been transformational. It’s a huge win for me to be able to champion the causes that really resonate with them.”

Raskopf’s benevolence comes as no surprise to long-term client, Debbie Fechter. “Janna’s decision to share her success is an incredible testament to her generosity,” remarks Fechter. “It speaks volumes about her devotion to the community.”

For Sophie Elgort, Co-Founder of Through Our Lens—a 501(c)3 fellowship that equips high-school-aged girls from underserved communities with the skills they need to succeed as aspiring photographers and filmmakers—Raskopf’s donation has had a particularly profound impact.

Janna’s contribution came at a crucial time for us. Thanks to her, we were able to provide stipends to fellows who otherwise couldn’t afford a summer internship.”

True to form, Raskopf will be the first to tell you that her success isn’t hers alone. “I am grateful to my clients for helping me make this vision a reality,” she relays between sips of hot tea. “And I’m excited to explore what’s next as we move forward in this special way.”

Meet Janna: Janna Raskopf is a native New Yorker who has lived in Manhattan her entire life. Sellers and landlords value Janna’s keen understanding of Manhattan’s real estate market, attention to detail, and overall work ethic. Having majored in advertising, Janna understands the most effective and innovative ways to promote your listing. No matter how big or small the budget, Janna provides unparalleled service, knowledge and city savvy to all her clients.


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