You Don’t Have to be an Artist to Find Inspiration at Anderson Ranch

Anderson Ranch is a world-renowned arts center with 50 years of history celebrating the visual arts. Though its stellar reputation is founded on being an artists community offering extensive and intensive summer workshops, that’s not all there is to Anderson Ranch.

“The Ranch,” as it’s affectionately called by locals, is a five-acre campus nestled in the shadows of the majestic peaks of the Elk Range in Snowmass Village. Many art events and free programming are hosted on the campus year-round. But, you don’t have to be an art enthusiast to visit Anderson Ranch. Even the untrained eye will appreciate the rustic elegance of the campus, which is open to the public.

While there, you can take in the art, grab a cup of coffee at the cafe, wander down to the quad, or join a fun game of volleyball. Chances are you’ll meet some fascinating people and find some inspiration to carry with you long after you leave this magical place.

Though the art world is already aware of the greatness of the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, its President and CEO, Peter Waanders would like The Ranch to be more accessible to the local community and public. Therefore, he sends a personal invitation to stop by.

“There is a huge opportunity of people who would love what The Ranch offers, but haven’t connected with it yet because they haven’t put their feet on the campus. Once they do, it’s a magical experience,” Waanders says.

As a corporate sponsor of Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Douglas Elliman Real Estate is excited to support Waanders in achieving his goals to further the center’s mission of “art, inspiration and community.” We caught up with Waanders about future plans, and upcoming events and programs so you can plan your visit.

Douglas Elliman: Your professional background is very diverse, from independent bookstore owner, to partner in an art gallery, to Director of the Society of Fellows at the Aspen Art Institute, and now as President and CEO of Anderson Ranch. How have your different roles gotten you to where you are now?

Peter Waanders: My life’s work has been about connecting people with values, ideas, inspiration and each other. Anderson Ranch is an arts and ideas organization with an international reputation, but with its feet firmly planted in the local community. I’m honored to be a part of it.

DE: What do you bring to the table that will infuse fresh energy to The Ranch?

PW: I was really excited to fill Nancy Wilhelm’s role. The Ranch was in great shape and had a well-defined strategic plan in place. Many of their goals had already been met. It’s an exciting time for me to come into an organization that is well run, well organized, has a great staff and solid programming.

I want to focus on how we can bring people in and include people that might not otherwise visit The Ranch. For me it’s still about making those connections and figuring out how we can bring fresh, new voices to the table. I want to explore how art impacts the world, how it impacts us as individuals, and how art fits into our lives. It’s an exciting opportunity.


DE: What is your long-term vision for Anderson Ranch?

PW: While people all over the world know The Ranch is a treasure, people within our own community don’t know how special it is to walk onto this unique and special campus. I think that’s a missed opportunity.

Yes, this is a really amazing 50-year-old arts center with national and international art makers and collectors, but it’s also totally accessible to the community and public. We welcome anyone to come to the campus anytime, and we have a lot of free programming year-round.

DE: What is the can’t-miss event at The Ranch this summer?

PW: I’m really excited about our 23rd Annual Recognition Dinner. We’re thrilled to honor Nick Cave, an internationally recognized Chicago artist who works between performing and visual arts, through different mediums and elaborate costumes.

We’re also excited to honor the legacy of regional artist Doug Casebeer who has been at Anderson Ranch since 1985.

Our third honoree is Sarah Arison, who runs the Arison Arts Foundation that fosters young contemporary artists, primarily teenage artists and emerging artists. Through that organization, she’s one of the biggest movers and shakers in developing the next wave of young artists, so we’re really excited to have her.

Find your home in Aspen and visit Anderson Ranch. 

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