5 Simple Tips to Creating a Harmonious Home

“An organized space is an organized mind is an organized life.”

Lisa Jacobs – Founder, Imagine It Done

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where, at the end of a stressful day, one can reliably relax in comfort. Unfortunately, for far too many, our homes have become as erratic and disorganized as the rest of our lives. Time to take back the reins. Elliman Insider sat with Lisa Jacobs, founder of home organization service Imagine It Done, to get her top 5 tips on how to create a harmonious home. Let’s go!

1. Always start with an edit

Harmonious Home Elliman Insider

Before you move, go through all of your belongings. Know what items you need and what items you can part with. Be realistic about who you are and where you are in life.  You may have loved a particular dress 20 years ago in college, but are you really wearing it anymore? Jacobs says people need to think critically about how they really live, and edit their wardrobe accordingly. “If you work 24/7 and you are a businesswoman, you have to dress a certain way. So why do you need 50 pairs of jeans when you’re only wearing them on the weekend?”

2. Identify Homes for Your Belongings

Harmonious Home Elliman Insider

Designate a home for all of your belongings. Understand the function of all the spaces in your home. For example, when you enter into your home, you have an Entryway Closet. This space should not be a catch all. It should be for coats, outerwear accessories, gear for activities, shoes, pet supplies, and if necessary cleaning tools and luggage. Jacobs says, “When everything has a home, your space will be more peaceful, clutter free, and organized.”

3. Invest in Organizational Accessories

“Invest in organizational accessories like pantry jars, bins, baskets, drawer organizers, or dividers, and beyond” Jacobs suggests. We use accessories to maximize space and create an overall appealing aesthetic. Make sure to label so you know exactly what you have. Seeing is believing. When you see what you have, you are more likely to use your items and less likely to overbuy.

4. Categorize Belongings

Harmonious Home Elliman Insider

“When categorizing items, be mindful of your lifestyle,” says Jacobs. “For clothing, separate according to your daywear, business wear, evening wear, activewear, weekend wear, swimwear, and sleepwear. The same rule applies to accessories. This will make getting dressed for any occasion easy-breezy.”

5. Merchandise Your Space

Harmonious Home Elliman Insider

“Give your space life and personality,” Jacobs suggests. “In all areas of the home display possessions that you love to see. Anything from picture frames, art, and vases to clothing, jewelry, and handbags. By being surrounded by belongings you truly love, you will feel a sense of comfort, happiness, and peace.”

The hardest part is the beginning – it will get easier. For those who are disorganized, finally conquering the mess can be a daunting and scary task. But it’s worth fighting through the anxiety to get to the point when you feel relief. “You start getting rid of things, and all of a sudden you go ‘what the heck took me so long?’ I love that feeling.”

Meet Lisa Jacobs: Mother, sister, professional organizer, life coach and founder of Imagine it Done, the NY-based organization and lifestyle company.

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