Spring is in the Air, and so is Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and with that comes the anticipated event of de-cluttering and re-organizing, also known as “spring cleaning.” Believe it or not, there are many theories on how to approach cleaning out the old in preparation for new. Check out our tips below to gain some inspiration for your next spring cleaning.

De-clutter first.

It may be tempting to start cleaning, but if you de-clutter your space of what you don’t need or no longer want, it will keep your overall cleaning hours to a minimum. Keep designated bags for both donations and trash near you throughout the process. Besides the usual questions asking yourself if you’ve worn or used this item recently, a great question to ask as per Marie Kondo, does this item bring me joy? This question is sure to help with any items that may be even more hard to get rid of. Go through this process room-by-room to be most efficient. Be selective: if you haven’t read a magazine in a month, chances are you won’t read it!

Clean from Top to Bottom.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the time when you get rid of the cobwebs that have accumulated in the corners of your kitchen, when you dust down air vents in the kitchens and wash curtains that have hung all year in your living room. Start at the top first, then by the time you get to wash your floors, you’ll have already tackled the things that may not have gotten any attention all year. Included in this process is windows. A great tip is that newspapers are actually a recyclable and effective way to clean windows. Use gloves beforehand, gather up as much old newspaper as you can find, and set to work with Windex. Another option is a solution of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water, along with a sponge to wipe away dirt, and a squeegee to dry the windows after.

Clean everyday items safely.

Sometimes we don’t realize that the items we use the most can, and should, be cleaned. Cell phones, landline phones if you still have them, computers, laptops, mouses and keyboards all beg to be cleaned, especially if multiple people are using them at once.  It might be tempting to believe that you need all the cleaning supplies stores have to offer, yet when it comes to electronics and other sensitive items, microfiber cloths work great and can protect your items in the long run. Baby shampoo can also work with cleaning old brushes or other sensitive items. A bit of dish soap and a sponge will effectively clean marble countertops.

When all else fails, create a schedule.

Spring Clean Schedule

In order to avoid becoming overwhelmed with all the nooks and crannies that require cleaning, focus on creating a month-long schedule where you tackle each room at once. Seeing a room fully cleaned will motivate you to go forward and continue throughout the rest of the house. Start with the room that feels the least overwhelming, usually the one where you store the least in and maybe one that you’ve given more attention to throughout the year. Remember, don’t go onto the cleaning portion until you’ve de-cluttered first!

Find your next home to spring clean today.

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