Protect Your Home Against the Elements with These Features

Unexpected and extreme weather conditions can be a stressful time for homeowners. Whether fire, flooding or snow, the elements can wreak havoc on a home that hasn’t been properly prepared. Protect yours with these changes and upgrades that can prevent costly and potentially preventable damage.

Non-flammable Roof

Embers from wildfires are a common cause of fires to susceptible homes. In an effort to protect your home, opt for a non-flammable roofing material like metal, tile or shingles.

Also always check to make sure that there are no loose tiles or pieces of the roof on a regular basis. This can help ensure that water doesn’t leak through the roof into your home and that pieces don’t break off or cause damage in high winds.

Properly Graded Lot

If the ground slopes down towards your home, it can increase the chance of water leakage and damage during heavy rainfall or snowmelt. As a preventative measure, make sure the land surrounding your home is graded, and even better, install a drainage system to channel water away.

Shutters and High-Impact Glass

If you live in an area at risk for hurricanes, tornados or severe storms, a shutter system for your windows is an ideal measure to fortify your home. High-impact glass, also known as hurricane windows, is also a terrific preventative measure. While shutters will protect against wind and debris, the impact glass will also prevent water damage from rain or flooding.  When paired together, it’s a great combination for inclement weather conditions.

Backup Generator

No matter the extreme weather, ensure your home has continual power with a backup generator. There are both permanent and portable options that can restore power to your space during winter storms, frozen temperatures or any other kind of extreme weather. A permanent generator is the pricier of the two options, but will almost instantly restore power to your home should it go out. It also provides enough energy to supply electricity to the entire home. A portable generator, on the other hand, can only power a few small electrical devices and usually runs on gasoline, which means it can’t be used in an enclosed space.

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Preventative Landscaping

The design and landscaping of the area surrounding your home can help prevent damage during harsh conditions. Embers from forest fires can ignite organic material easily, so the National Fire Protection Association recommends using stone or non-flammable products in the immediate area around your home. Then, within 100 feet of your home, they recommend creating a defensible space. This includes spaced-out plantlife and maintaining low-hanging tree branches. Also make sure to water all plants regularly.

For winter storms and strong winds, it is also beneficial to keep trees and branches a safe distance from your home. Otherwise, they can break off and weaken the roof and the exterior, sometimes shattering windows and causing severe damage.

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136 Northway Drive protect your home

136 Northway Drive

Price: $9,985,000

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4305 Snowmass Creek Road

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5 Bedroom | 6.5 bathroom

10687 Evans Ridge Road

Price: $12,900,000

11 Bedrooms | 24 Bathrooms

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