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Elliman Insider My Neighborhood Bed-Stuy
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Fatima Jones, director of public relations at the Brooklyn Museum, loves living in Bedford-Stuyvesant for its charming Victorian brownstones, family-oriented flavor, and strong sense of community. At the end of a busy day at the museum, in Crown Heights, Jones relishes returning to Bed-Stuy’s peaceful, uncrowded, tree-lined streets and visiting her favorite neighborhood haunts. —Marcia Lerner


Elliman Insider My Neighborhood Bed-Stuy
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“I’m a regular at Joloff which serves the best Senegalese cuisine around. It’s the kind of place where Senegalese cab drivers pull up and wait for their orders, so you know the food is good. The national dish— fish with vegetables and Joloff rice (with tomato paste, peppers, onions, and spices)—is amazing. My nine-year-old daughter prefers the fried vegetable dumplings and plantains. There’s a small stage, and on weekends the restaurant sometimes hosts music and poetry.” 1168 Bedford Ave., 718.230.0523


Elliman Insider My Neighborhood Bed-Stuy
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“My daughter and I love waffles, and the ones at Sumner Café (144 Decatur St., 347.404.6832) are the best. They have mascarpone cheese and fruit compote on top. The place is spacious, with lots of light and exposed brick, though it can get a little crowded on weekends. When I’m meeting friends for coffee, we head over to Emeline’s (373 Lewis Ave., 347.955.5445), a pretty, family-owned restaurant.”


Elliman Insider My Neighborhood Bed-Stuy
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“I really like the small stores in the neighborhood. I like to go to Nicholas for items like shea butter, jewelry, and small gifts. In addition to selling clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics, the store doubles as a community center and holds poetry readings, live music performances, and indie-film nights.” 1396 Fulton St., 718.858.4400


Elliman Insider My Neighborhood Bed-Stuy
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“I’ve been exploring Namastuy, the local yoga studio, lately. They offer music with their classes sometimes, which adds a nice little element to the meditation. And they have good hours! I can take a 7 a.m. class and still be to work by 9.” 325 Lewis Ave., 718.395.7520


Eliman Insider My Neighborhood Bed Stuy
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Cumbe is a studio that opened recently, offering classes in African diaspora dance. They also offer dances like rumba, samba, and Afro-Haitian. I’m planning to sample some of the classes. Luckily for my daughter, they have children’s classes as well.” 1368 Fulton St., 718.935.9700

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