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Neighborhood Guide Williamsburg

Nikki Lindt’s figurative landscapes explore the unpredictability of the wilderness, but outside her studio, the painter enjoys a far more urban jungle. Born in the Netherlands, Lindt relocated to Williamsburg in 2002, back when it was a much scrappier, more industrial neighborhood. Still, she felt instantly at home, drawn to the area’s creative energy and funky independent aesthetic. Williamsburg has changed since Lindt first arrived, with art galleries giving way to artisanal restaurants, but she still loves it. “There’s always something opening—a bar or a restaurant or a coffee shop, or a young designer starting her own clothing shop,” she says. “The quality is really good, and it’s unique. You never know what’s going to pop up where.”
—Marcia Lerner


“I really like the East River Park. It’s got a great sandy beach right along the East River. There are expansive fields and you have a beautiful view of Manhattan. At the same time, it’s green in the spring and summer because there are a lot of trees.” 90 Kent Ave.


Neighborhood Guide Williamsburg“The Llama Inn Restaurant has modern Peruvian food, and the interior is beautiful. It has tall ceilings, modern design and they work a lot of natural foliage into it. Plus, the food is amazing. I love the squid skewers, the ceviche and the grilled short ribs.” 50 Withers St., 718.387.3434


Charlotte Patisserie has incredible French-inspired cakes. My favorite one is the raspberry mousse layer cake that has an actual thin layer of crème brûlée inside.” 596 Manhattan Ave., 718.383.8313


“I love Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers, an independent bookstore with a unique selection of fiction. I’ve discovered a lot of writers there because of books they lay out. They’ve also got a really good, strong art section where I spend a lot of time just browsing through everything from architecture to philosophy books. Every time I go in, I find something I wouldn’t expect.” 218 Bedford Ave., 718.387.7322


Neighborhood Guide Williamsburg

“I enjoy going to Choplet Gallery & Ceramic Studio for classes. There are people at all levels—some who are just starting and others who are very experienced and are making beautiful things. You can learn everything from throwing to handbuilding to glazing, and there’s a nice sense of community. People can look at what you’re doing, and you can look at what they’re doing. They’re all friendly, so it’s very peaceful. And they have a little garden out in the back, which adds to the sense of peacefulness.” 238 Grand St., 917.547.8316

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