Inside Hancock Park with Actor Cedric Yarbrough

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You may know comedian and actor Cedric Yarbrough from his role as Deputy S. Jones from Reno 911, Kenneth from ABC’s Speechless, his romantic guest-starring role in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, or his numerous appearances including The House with Will Ferrel and Amy Poehler.

Fortunately, the attention from all corners doesn’t interfere with his daily life in Hancock Park. He moved in about eight years ago, attracted as much by the neighborhood’s history as its beauty, Yarbrough tells Elliman Magazine. “A lot of older black celebrities used to live in Hancock Park back in the ’50s and ’60s: Harry Belafonte, Aretha Franklin,” he notes. “It feels like a real neighborhood—it doesn’t feel like Los Angeles. I see kids playing outside, and that reminds me of my upbringing in Minneapolis. Every once in a while, I’ll see the ice cream truck. But I’m the only one running after it. The kids are too cool to run after an ice cream truck here.”

He’ll go running even if there’s no ice cream to chase, enjoying the splendid houses. But more often, he’ll head over to Flywheel on Larchmont Boulevard, Hancock Park’s main street for a bike workout.

Courtesy of Flywheel

“My knees are so bad, so going to Flywheel is good,” he says. “The staff there is supercool. They’re always upbeat and don’t make you feel guilty if they haven’t seen you for a while.”

He might stop for coffee at Bricks and Scones beforehand, “to kind of pep me up, or after for a pick-me-up.”

Credit: Renee Denise/Offset

For a stronger drink or a longer stay, “one of my favorite bars is Pour Vous. It’s a nice little dark bar. There’s also entertainment. The music’s always really nice, and not ridiculous. Every once in a while they have a  burlesque show as well. It gets a little, Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that to happen.”

Credit: Frank Ishaman

And if he deserves a pizza, Village Pizzeria is his first choice. “They’ve got amazing pizza there. It takes a while but it’s definitely worth the wait.”

Heading a bit far afield for clothing, Yarbrough hits up American Rag. “It’s got something for hip-hop heads like me.” Yarbrough is 6’2”, “so by Hollywood standards apparently I’m gigantic, and they have my size.”



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