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A Houston, Texas native, Vanessa Bagley, is an Insurance Agent turned Realtor Associate with a unique perspective when it comes to fully understanding a client's needs in the process of purchasing and renting property. Working with clients from various industries, coupled with the influence of her increasing network of real estate investors, brought her to her genuine passion for the real estate industry. She has extensive experience in customer relations and marketing skills to keep an extensive and recurring book of business. Coming from the fourth largest city in the US, Vanessa has a fresh outlook and comprehension of the growth and direction of Miami's future and is excited to be an integral part of that journey. Vanessa works diligently to overcome each challenge she faces with grace and commitment, always wanting to grow and learn from those around her. She understands that to build and maintain solid and long-lasting relationships, one needs to be genuine, positive, trustworthy, and dependable. These qualities have made her an essential asset to her clients and their first choice when deciding their next big step in the Miami market.

With 2 years under her belt of being a full-time agent, Vanessa has executed over $10 million in contracts, tackling deals in pre-construction, resale, and leasing. The knowledge she's gained from actively exploring and researching the plans of Miami-Dade has put her ahead of the curve. Overall, she has great determination to find the best opportunity and solution for her clients. With the support of her connections and resources, anything is possible.
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Vanessa Bagley

3059 Grand Ave
Miami, 33133

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