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Born on the Mediterranean heel of southern Italy, Gianluca Matulli moved to the U.S. in 2002 and within weeks of his arrival in Washington D.C., purchased his first home. With that life-changing decision, Gianluca not only realized an important American dream, but also the power that comes with buying a home to call your own. Today, Gianluca takes pride in assisting others, as they too realize their dreams of home ownership.

As a graduate of the University of Miami (UM), Gianluca is proud to call South Florida his home. After studying Law in Rome, Gianluca went on to earn his Bachelor's degree in Communications from UM. He has lived in Miami since 2003.

Prior to his real estate career, Gianluca spent several years working in one of the country's most demanding industries – the restaurant business. As a skilled General Manager and Operator in several top-notch restaurants between New York’s Gold Coast and Miami’s highly competitive hospitality markets, Gianluca was renowned for his dedication of providing impeccable customer service and detailed attention to his clients. In addition, Gianluca strategically negotiated the best buying deals for these super successful restaurants, directly manned their social media, supervised dozens of employees, and keenly increased business by over $47 million dollars during his many years in one of the most cut-throat industries in the United States. Today, Gianluca uses many of the same fine-tuned skills to deliver well-planned results for his real estate clients.

Gianluca’s goal, as detailed in his blog, is to make sure his passion for local life is enjoyed by all around him. Honest and personable, Gianluca is known for his attentiveness and ability to win over clients with a transparent and direct approach. His extensive network of clients, colleagues and contacts run the gamut of the most discerning real estate buyers, sellers and investors from the Entertainment, Hospitality and International markets.

When Gianluca is not working, he is an avid Italian soccer fan, seeking out a good comedy film, volunteering with his favorite local non-profit organizations, and fun-loving family focused. Gianluca speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.

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Gianluca Matulli

5555 Biscayne Blvd #302
Miami, 33137

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