Jean-Robert (J.R.) Latortue

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About Jean-Robert (J.R.)

Jean-Robert, or “J.R”, Latortue believes that trust and the ability to connect with others are two virtues that cannot be bought. His multicultural background and his travel experiences provide him with an ability to connect with people from all cultures and walks of life without judgement. He regards these skills as his most important personality traits. Originally a native New Yorker and resident of Miami Beach FL, he owns properties in both Miami Beach, Florida and Pennsylvania. He previously worked in various investment banking firms on Wall Street raising capital for both privately held and publicly traded companies. As part of his work he provided important market insights in underwriting, securities based lending as well as investment advisory to executives receiving equity compensation packages. During his tenure his clientele consisted of international legal executives based throughout Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He would later work as a registered investment advisor at Merrill Lynch where he managed investment portfolios before turning his focus towards real estate.

“I personally believe real estate to be an interesting asset class, in that it is an asset class that can mean completely different things for different people at different stages of their life. Real estate can be a place to live that transforms itself into a space filled with memories, a physical space that has now become a home. Real estate can also serve as a canvas for which someone can creatively express themselves, transforming a previously neglected property into a beautiful expression of creativity and ingenuity through renovations. Lastly the purchase of real estate in order to fulfill an asset allocation process can help diversify a client’s investment portfolio, help reduce overall risks and provide tax advantages particularly to those in tax sensitive brackets. My job is to first listen and find out what do the words ‘real estate’ mean to that particular client; and begin the conversation from there. The importance of working with a real estate professional that can bring the required resources to help guide a client throughout the life cycle of real estate and empower them to make informed decisions, is a turnkey solution that my client will find absolutely invaluable.”

J.R. brings a strong work ethic, a finger on the pulse of market trends and an eye for interior design to help keep him well rounded. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Temple University, he also holds a Certificate in Project Management from New York University. He and his family reside between Miami Beach and Pennsylvania. He speaks fluent French, English, Haitian Kreyol and is conversational in Spanish. A self described nerd, his interests includes technology, music, community involvement and traveling. J.R. has held many professional titles throughout his career but he believes that his most valuable title is the title “Papa”.

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Jean-Robert (J.R.) Latortue

5555 Biscayne Blvd #302
Miami, 33137