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Adela Berrio is an Expert Bicultural, bilingual, Tech savvy and well prepare Real Estate Agent dedicated to giving clients "First Class" professional service and honest advice, enabling them to make sound financial decisions in the sale, purchase and manage real estate.
Driven and energetic leadership adviser with more than 17 years’ experience in International and National Real Estate, Adela is a Qualified real estate agent who is highly goal-oriented and proficient at meeting and exceeding established goals and objectives related to training, selling, education and client relations.
She is also a real estate professional with expertise in sales, marketing, appraisals, national and international developer’s sales, pre-constructions sales and green and modern tech building management atmospheres.
With more than 22 years living in Miami, Adela is a vivid eyewitness of the transformation of this marvelous city MIAMI. She has a strong background of the changes of Florida, New York, Boston, California, Costa Rica, Peru,Colombia and many cities worldwide due to the multiples continuous studies and travels to a different part of the globe in the exercise and ensure of her carrier as a citizen of the world. Therefore she can give an abroad feedback of knowledge of the Miami at the past, present and future.
Fluently in English and Spanish, Adela obtain among others recognitions two degrees in professionals social economic studies; one at Central University of Venezuela and another one at Florida International University, With two bachelor’s degrees designation ingles and Spanish it gives her a strong background of cultures, habits, economics and social expertise to ensure that urbanism and real estate are the blood of the economy and also the principles of the all human being develop
She is an active member of the Miami Board of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, Florida International Alumni’s Association and also cofounder and Active Member of and Her love for knowledge make her never stop in acquire education .for her it is the base of all .She is currently pursuing a master degree in Real estate and urbanism and she is also a part of the amazing team of a well recognize company Douglas Elliman.

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Adela Berrio

5555 Biscayne Blvd #302
Miami, 33137