CJ Mingolelli

Branch Manager, Cherry Grove

CJ Mingolelli

CJ Mingolelli

161 Bayview Walk
Cherry Grove, NY 11782
OFFICE: 631.597.3030


Born into a family of developers in New York, CJ cannot remember a time when he wasn’t involved in real-estate. He grew up while building suburbia (building every home he and his family ever lived in as well). He started driving a bulldozer at age 6 and enjoyed summer vacations working in the residential and commercial markets.

CJ enjoyed culture as he went on to university to broaden his international interests and received a degree in International Business from Niagara University (US)and Goethe Institute(Germany)then lived and worked in England and Europe for several years. He grew to enjoy technology and the benefits it provides by creating new tools for architecture and organization.

CJ has been a strategic consultant in Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Integrations and Reorganizations, for fortune 500 companies. “I realized early in life that all the decisions people make are truly driven by real-estate; location is key to homeowners and corporations alike. It’s the most important decision that one makes because everything else is subordinate to it.”

CJ brings a natural love of Real-estate with him to Douglas Elliman. “When I look at a building, I see the value of those few square feet that I’m actually standing on - I visualize the blueprints and wiring diagrams that will provide those within with their needs for power, connectivity, and comfort, and when I’m in a home, I feel it’s soul – an intimate and personal space for growth, the electric pulse, and the value of it’s heart.