Chris Peters

Senior Executive Manager of Sales, 111 Fifth Avenue & 690 Washington Street

Chris Peters


111 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
OFFICE: 212.727.6102


Anyone familiar with downtown NYC and real estate has to have crossed paths with Chris Peters. With 30 years of experience, having been one of the top agents in New York, Chris has moved into management since 1995. “I always enjoyed helping people”. For Chris, finding the right home for his clients was the goal, not the commission. His philosophy is now passed on to his agents. Anyone who is mentored or works with Chris eventually succeeds. He is a hands-on manager who always shares his experience, yet he understands that people are individuals. Chris knows when to let go and allow one to make the best of themselves. On a personal level, Chris is loved and respected by his good friends and lives a rather fun life. He adores New York City, and will always have roots based from here. “Life is good,” he will often say. “People create their own reality and those who have a full and happy life are those who are the most successful in their business careers.”