110646 National Trails Highway

Amboy, CA 92332

коммерческий / офис


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Approx. 103.5 acres includes 1 closed service station, built in the late sixties, 1 closed service station and store built in the 1910 - 1920, built partly of rock, 1 Post Office, built in the 1910 - 1920, built with rock, 1 1-bedroom house, built in the 1920's, 1-1 bedroom house, built in the l940's, 1 mobilehome, 1 5-acre pasture, 1 800' 100 gpm water well with extremely good water and lots of it. The original Route 66 runs down the middle of property. The Burlington Railroad runs through it. There is a siding for exchanging railroad cars. This used to be the Santa Fe Railroad. 3 sides of the land border government land. Most of it is BLM Land.
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