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Following my 10 year NFL career, I have remained heavily involved in the sports and entertainment business, and having served as the weekend sports anchor for KTLA , maintained deep ties and interests with the professional sports and entertainment scene. That includes my participation in NFL Alumni Assn. charitable events. Having recognized the power of real estate as an investment class, I became involved in real estate, both at the residential and development level and now represents a variety of clients in their Southern California real estate transactions. My goal is to provide professional athletes, and all of my clients, whether retired, active, or aspiring, the guidance and knowledge that is required to ensure their financial futures. As time has shown, real estate is still the best and most secure investment.. My philosophy for real estate transactions was conceived through my own personal experiences off the field. As a 5th round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons in 1983, I was presented with many financial opportunities, and pursued by many individuals and organizations who offered me the chance to invest. At a young age, the business opportunities for night clubs, restaurants, and of course, real estate seemed alluring. This is where the problem seems to begin for most of us in professional sports. As we all know, it is a very elite club and the life span of a professional athlete is more times than not, very short. In their most vulnerable years, professional athletes are assaulted with financial decisions most businessmen spend a lifetime preparing to make. With the game on their mind, relying on sound financial advice is crucial to long-term success. I have personally gone through this struggle after taking the advice from friends and leveraging myself unreasonably in the real estate market. I was twenty-four years old, carrying four mortgages. This worked for a while, until the market dropped sharply. I found myself, seemingly overnight, in a very precarious and financially vulnerable position. Had I been afforded sound, expert real estate advice, I would not have been affected by this turn in the market. My financial health was a direct result of poor advice that was given to me for the financial gain of others, and not for my future financial security in mind. This brief overview of my experience is unfortunately the norm, and not the exception. When careers end, after years of dedication, work, discipline, talent, and a little bit of luck, it sometimes marks more than the end of a career. It marks the beginning of a struggle to maintain the lifestyle that the hard work afforded you during your years as a Pro. Often times this can be a very low point in what has otherwise been an exciting, successful and fulfilling career. This should NEVER happen. We are Pros, working for Pros, and we will never compromise our clients. We know what it means to be a Pro, what it takes to get to that level, and we respect what it takes because we have been there. I also believe that we can give back to those in need. We believe in supporting youth and family programs around the country. We believe in honoring our troops who have sacrificed life and limb for our freedoms. We believe in honoring our athletic alumni, who dedicate their bodies to the game. We are dedicated not only to our clients, but to those who are less fortunate. We are very proud and excited to be working with non-profit organizations to help us achieve our goal of giving back, and paying it forward.
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