Michael Earley

DRE #: 00877967

Real Estate Agent

About Michael

Years of experience negotiating multi-million sales and contracts.
Excellent communications skills (constant contact with clients.
Adaptive to client’s communication needs and preferences.
Use of brain trusts to discover creative solutions. Thinking outside the box.
Multi-lingual. English, French, Spanish, Italian.
Attention to detail. A dedicated team of support staff to ensure all regulations are met.
Local area experts in sales lease and purchasing, single-family homes, multi-family homes, mixed-used, commercial, and other investment properties.
Network of dedicated professionals to service all of your clients’ needs.
Common sense solutions before there is a problem. (Something that is not so common anymore)
Full-time Realtors who are each expert in their field.
Managed transactions from discovery to completion. Each team member is conversant in all phases of the sale/purchase process.
A wide diversity of age/experience within the team to address the various needs and communication preferences of the clients. From print to online, we have experts on each facet of the marketing spectrum.
Knowledge is not power without the correct leveraging of information. Our team thrives on continuing education and professional development.

Core Values & Leadership Principles

Team spirit
We work together as one team
We share work across teams to fulfill the client’s needs.
We share ideas, experiences, ideas, and best practices.
We help our colleagues to grow personally and professionally
We work hard and play hard; we have fun in what we do.

Customer focus
We live by and for our customers' success and happiness; we want to be their top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice.
We build lasting relationships with our clients.
We create value for our clients:
We provide them with the best service and advice.
We help them to be competitive through education.
We want to change the way they think of their Realtors.

We change the world, one property at a time!
We are passionate about people: our colleagues, associates, and clients.
We are passionate about architecture, construction, investment opportunity, business locations, homes, commercial, and all aspects of real estate.
We are passionate about making the process understandable and enjoyable for our clients.
We fill peoples needs, give them positive experiences, and the opportunity to build their futures
Quite simply, what we do is not a job, it's our passion

We are the industry leader; our goal is to provide more investment opportunities and homes for more people
Shelter is the most basic need and a basic right: by finding people the right homes or investments, we provide them and their family with a home or income, status, and a future
We promote diversity, equality, and sensitivity in the workforce
We lead by example, we act with integrity and respect
We volunteer personal time and contribute to our communities

We constantly take initiatives to make "better work, better life" a daily reality
We take ownership and stand by our own results
We act upon opportunities
We learn fast from success and failure
We inspire others and continuously seek innovative solutions

Leadership Principles
Our partners are people who have values and make decisions, who establish priorities, who can analyze and solve problems, and who answer questions concretely and appropriately without letting their "sense of self" cloud their answers.
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  • English
  • Italian
3701 Highland Ave Suite 200
Manhattan Beach, 90266